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Waterproofing Solutions: Are They Permanent Or Not?

Is there a way to permanently keep water out of your home?

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waterproof a house permanently

If you’ve ever had your home inspected by a professional foundation or basement repair contractor, then you know just how many waterproofing solutions you have available to you. However, the question remains: are any of the waterproofing solutions available in the Winston-Salem, NC, area truly permanent?

The matter of permanency is a complicated one, but it’s one you’re going to want to consider when living in North Carolina. With that in mind, let’s dive into the whys and hows of the question so you can choose the best waterproofing solution for your home.

Why Do You Need To Waterproof Your Home?

If you’re buying your first home or moving somewhere new, you may find yourself asking: why bother waterproofing a home at all? After all, a little dampness isn’t going to hurt the structural integrity of your home, let alone be more than a minor inconvenience when you’re redecorating. Right?

While ideally, rainwater wouldn’t damage your home, this simply isn’t the case. Water can build up around your home and press against your basement and your foundation. As a result, the materials used as structural supports will be exposed to extensive hydrostatic pressure. That pressure not only causes the materials you have in place to erode but it also rapidly changes the temperature of your foundation and basement. In an attempt to comply with the laws of physics, your materials will contract and expand accordingly. When that pressure gets to be too much, cracks will start to form, and your minor leaks could turn into substantial floods.

That’s why you need to consider waterproofing your home. It’s not, after all, a single event that’s going to turn your basement into an indoor swimming pool. Instead, it’s several minor incidents working together that may end costing you a lot of money.

Most Common Waterproofing Solutions

If you suspect that your home may be leaking, or if you’re considering waterproofing your home before a problem arises, you’re going to want to have a Winston-Salem, NC inspector out and take a look at your perimeter. A professional will be able to propose a plan of action and quote you a price on the waterproofing solution you have in mind.

Some of the most common waterproofing solutions contractors in the area will use include:

  • Interior French drains
  • Sump pumps
  • Hydrophobic insulation
  • Underground drainage
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Vapor barriers

Are There Any Permanent Solutions?

However, are any of the aforementioned solutions permanent? Most will need maintenance and refreshing every few years.

If you have more serious problems with flooding, there are some more comprehensive solutions that’ll be worth investing in. If you want a complete waterproofing system in your basement to take care of any leaking and moisture once and for all, you will want an interior perimeter drainage system throughout your basement, as well as a sump pump, dehumidifier, and exterior drainage. All of these solutions work together to catch the leaking water and safely remove it from your home before it can damage any of your belongings or structural supports.

If you’ve got severe foundation cracks and movement contributing to the water intrusion, you may also want to consider longlasting foundation repair solutions. Talk to your basement repair contractor to learn more about the following repair options and if they’re right for your home’s repair needs.

  • Push Piers – These are the most traditional of foundation-repair piering services. Many contractors use Push Piers to support a home suffering from foundation settlement. They are installed to more stable soil strata beneath the foundation to better support the structure. They can even help lift your home back to level.
  • Helical Piers – This type of pier is the best to use if you’re only dealing with minor to medium foundation damage, and are ideal for lighter structures like porches, patios, and chimneys.
  • Slab Piers – These are like the other two types of piers, but Slab Piers are used specifically for concrete slab foundation stabilization and lifting.
  • Other Wall Repair and Reinforcement Systems – Wall damage can vary, so we offer a few different options for repair. Each system permanently stabilizes the walls and prevents any further cracking or inward bowing. Wall Anchors and IntelliBrace beams work best on walls in more severe disrepair, and their unique design allows them to be tightened for potential wall repair. Carbon Fiber supports are best for less severe walls, and they hold the walls in their current positions.

Note that the cost of these solutions, as well as their installation time, will vary based on the size of your home and any past damage that’s impacted the stability of your foundation. All of these solutions, again, tend to last longer and have more a noticeable effect on your home.

If you’re wondering how best to proceed, sit down and have a conversation with the contractor you want to work with. A professional will be able to tell you what kind of waterproofing your home needs and how frequently, if at all, you’ll need to have your solution reapplied, repaired or otherwise revamped.

Whatever you do, don’t let your home’s value go down the drain. When you waterproof your home, you’re not only protecting your belongings and the health of your family, but you’re also protecting your home’s market value and any future sales revenue you may make when moving later on.

If you’re looking for a better way to keep your home dry, reach out to one of the professionals working in your area for a free inspection and estimate.

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