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vapor barrier in basement

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basement waterproofing ensures that your basement and foundation stay healthy, and that your living environment is comfortable. We offer many solutions to keep your basement dry.


Keeping your basement dry is extremely important for the health of your home’s foundation. Wet walls and floors, mold, and musty odors are just a few of the symptoms you may notice when there is water in your basement. At Tar Heel Basement Systems, we have the skills and basement waterproofing solutions to fix the water problem in your basement. 

Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions

When you do find water in your home’s basement, there are multiple solutions, such as basement waterproofing, that can be used to rectify the situation so that you can go back to enjoying a safe, dry basement. Below, are a few of our basement waterproofing solutions.

Tarheel Basement Systems Dehumidifier

Basement Dehumidifiers

Designed to keep the moisture levels inside your basement normal, adding a basement dehumidifier can greatly reduce any excess moisture in your basement. Basement dehumidifiers work by pulling moisture out of the air, creating an environment with comfortable moisture levels. Even if your basement has been waterproofed, there is still a chance that moisture can get inside, which is why installing a basement dehumidifier is wise. The equipment doesn’t take up too much space, so you don’t have to worry about losing storage space. 

sump pump and other waterproofing solutions

Basement Sump Pumps

The heart of your waterproofing system, a basement sump pump helps protect you from a flooding basement. This helps prevent expensive damage to your home or any personal belongings stored inside the basement. Our cast-iron sump pump is reliable and made to last, so you can take comfort knowing that any flooding will be handled. Our sump pump lids are sealed airtight, keeping out humidity and odors. 

Crew installing interior drainage in basement

Interior Drainage Systems

When water does get into your home’s basement, it can be helpful to have an interior drainage system installed. Designed as a space between the basement wall and concrete slab, interior drainage systems allow water to flow in, where it will then flow to a sump pump and then out of and away from your home’s foundation. Ensuring the water flows away from your home is important, as it can wind up seeping back into your basement if it is expelled too close to your foundation. 

Don’t Deal with Basement Water Damage Any Longer. Tar Heel Experts Can Help!

Keeping your basement dry is necessary for the health of your home and foundation. If you suspect or notice water in your basement, contact Tar Heel Basement Systems. We understand the range of soils around Northern North Carolina, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem, so you can trust our expertise and innovative solutions. Don’t wait until the problem becomes worse, contact us! Water damage in your basement is a serious issue. We’ll evaluate your foundation – especially your basement – at no cost or obligation to you! Water damage can cause excess humidity, mold, and other harmful things that can affect you and your living environment. 

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