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Crew installing vapor barrier for crawl space encapsulation

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in Winston-Salem, NC

If you notice unpleasant smells around your home, they are likely coming from your crawl space, especially if it is unencapsulated. At Tar Heel, we can repair and protect your musty crawl space, ensuring the air around your home is safe to breathe.

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Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in Winston-Salem, NC

Homeowners in Winston-Salem, NC, may not think much about what is happening underneath the floors of their homes. However, if your home is built on a crawl space foundation, various issues can affect that dark area under your house and go unnoticed until the problems spread into your home. Tar Heel Basement Systems is here to help you tackle any issues you may have with your crawl space so you can avoid future problems. 

If you have an unencapsulated crawl space with open crawl space vents, then humid air is likely being pulled in. Then, this warm air rises up through the rest of your home. This phenomenon, known as the stack effect, brings mold and unclean air particles into your home. Over time, you’re left with an extremely uncomfortable living environment. Repairing and encapsulating your damaged crawl space is the best way to prevent pests, mold, and other harmful organic materials from entering your home. 


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Crawl Space Problem Signs in Winston-Salem

Due to the muggy summers of Winston-Salem, your unencapsulated crawl space can easily become a very humid environment where mold and wood rot thrives. A certified Tar Heel inspector can easily identify notable crawl space problem signs almost as soon as they enter your crawl space. Once inside your crawl space, they will notice things like an infestation of pests like mice, termites, and other critters. Remediating these issues is extremely necessary to maintain a healthy living environment.  

Common Causes of Crawl Space Damage in Winston-Salem

When it comes to the most likely causes of crawl space damage, many of them are due to the wet climate and easily drainable, but also frequently damp soil. While it is also a problem sign, humidity can be what causes other issues inside your crawl space. As mentioned above, having a crawl space with open crawl space vents leads to a plethora of issues that can lead to even more crawl space damage. Being aware of what is causing your crawl space problems can be beneficial, but having a professional evaluate your space is even better.  

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation Solutions in Winston-Salem

To fully protect your crawl space, you should consider crawl space encapsulation, as that is the only way to keep harmful levels of condensation out of the space. Encapsulation involves the installation of a crawl space vapor barrier, a sump pump, a crawl space dehumidifier, and more. If you had a vented crawl space, vent covers are added and sealed off, preventing moisture and outside air from seeping in. At Tar Heel, we specialize in crawl space encapsulation and repair solutions that are meant to permanently protect your crawl space from damaging elements.  

Why Choose Tar Heel Basement Systems?

Tar Heel Basement Systems has been assisting homeowners with foundation, crawl space, and concrete problems for almost 20 years. With our crawl space repair and encapsulation services, we can prevent mold, mildew, insects, and excess moisture from infesting your crawl space. With crawl space repair and encapsulation, you will improve the air quality in your house and guarantee that your crawl space stays a safe, dry location for additional storage. If you observe any of the warning signs, it is time to call us or fill out our online form. We provide long-term guarantees and free, no-obligation examinations to alleviate some of the stress associated with house repairs. 

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