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White chalky powder on basement walls means there is a source of water somewhere nearby. Learn more about this substance, what it means for your basement and home, and how you can fix the underlying problem.

efflorescence chalky powder in basement

Most homeowners immediately assume the white chalky powder on their block basement walls is white mold. However, the majority of the time, this is not the case. Efflorescence is the actual culprit.

So, what is Efflorescence? Minerals in the mortar, concrete, or soil that dissolve in water and remain visibly behind when the water evaporates off of the surface of the wall.

Unlike mold that is alive, efflorescence is just calcified mineral residue. While it is not harmful and can be simply swept or brushed off, it is a sign of water intrusion through your basement walls.

Many homeowners decide to simply paint over their block basement walls with (waterproof) paint, a decision that simply covers the problem instead of correcting it. Coating basement walls that are suffering from moisture or efflorescence intrusion accomplishes nothing except to make them look better. Over time, the paint will begin to bubble and peel, causing the walls to look worse than before. If not properly taken care of, water may eventually come through your basement walls and floor.

If your home is showing signs of efflorescence in your basement, call our professionals today to have a free evaluation.

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