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Crew installing interior drainage in basement

Fix Basement Window Leaks

Basement windows that are small, old, and leak can present many problems for your basement including water and pest intrusion. Learn about what to look out for with your basement windows and why they should be fixed.


When you think about waterproofing your basement, you should also think about your basement windows. These areas of your basement can be quite vulnerable and lead to unpleasant issues in your basement and home.

Water stains on floor from leaking windows

If your basement windows leak when it rains, it’s most likely due to the following reasons:

  • The gutters are overflowing into the window wells.
  • The ground around the window is pitched towards your home.
  • A downspout is dumping lots of water near the window.
  • Your basement window is not sealed properly to the frame.
leaky window in basement

Basement windows can be small, old, ugly, and oftentimes overlooked when homeowners have a problem with their basement. Most basement windows do not seal very well. Since the basement has low air pressure (sucking air in), the cold winter air and hot humid air summertime air is pulled into your basement. This is a no-win situation. Either way, it costs more to heat, cool, or dehumidifies your basement.

Basement windows have a tough job–they’re down close to the ground or in a window well, both damp environments. Metal-framed windows will rust, wood windows will deteriorate/rot, and they are impossible to keep painted. In addition to the fact that they leak air, single pane glass is an energy waster.

A flooding window will ruin your basement, especially if your basement is finished. Your basement windows are not made for submarines. Besides correcting the obvious–gutters, downspouts, if you don’t have the windows replaced, they will likely leak again.

There are three common issues with basement windows:

  • Do the windows leak water? If yes, we need to install drains.
  • Are the windows rusted, rotted, drafty, or ugly? If yes, replace them.
  • Are the window wells rusty or open? If yes, replace them.

If your basement windows are rusty, rotting, leaking, or need a general update, Tar Heel Basement Systems can help dramatically improve your basement. By updating your basement windows, this will help with humidity levels and (some) moisture intrusion. Tar Heel Basement Systems can help you achieve the perfect basement window: energy-efficient and mildew-resistant. Call our office to schedule your free estimate appointment.

Let our basement waterproofing experts help you

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Schedule free inspection
Let our basement waterproofing experts help you

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