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Sidewalk Repair

sidewalk repair with polyurethane injections

Cracking and sinking concrete sidewalks can be dangerous and unsightly for guests and potential buyers, so it’s crucial to ensure timely repair and protection.

Tar Heel Basement Systems offers a proven sidewalk repair technique that rejuvenates walkways, enhancing safety and aesthetic appeal. Our state-of-the-art concrete leveling system uses polyurethane injections to fill voids beneath sidewalks swiftly, lifting and stabilizing the slabs.

We’ve served Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and other areas throughout North Carolina for more than 20 years. Homeowners know they can count on our experience, outstanding customer care, and lasting solutions. 

Understanding Sidewalk Repair  

Concrete sidewalk repair addresses issues such as cracking, sinking, and damage caused by unstable soil and excessive moisture. This process involves installing materials beneath problematic concrete slabs to restore their strength.

DIY methods and traditional techniques like mudjacking and repouring can be costly, disruptive, and offer only a temporary fix. Modern solutions, such as the polyurethane injections from Tar Heel Basement Systems, provide a durable, eco-friendly, and fast remedy for uneven sidewalk slabs. We integrate this method into our comprehensive home protection solutions, ensuring your home’s structural integrity and safety.

Signs Your Sidewalk Needs Repair

It’s essential to detect and act upon the early signs of sidewalk damage. Look for the following symptoms: 

These problems won’t go away over time. By taking care of them now, you prevent more damage, keep everyone safe, and reduce the cost of repairs. Contact a concrete repair specialist like Tar Heel Basement Systems as soon as you notice these issues.

Is Sidewalk Repair Necessary? 

A damaged sidewalk isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s a safety concern that also impacts property value. Those with limited mobility may struggle to navigate a motorized scooter, wheelchair, or cane over a cracked and damaged sidewalk. Similarly, individuals on bikes, scooters, rollerblades, or skateboards risk serious injuries when passing over uneven sidewalks. 

Delaying repairs worsens the problem, leading to more extensive and expensive concrete solutions. Acting quickly preserves your property’s safety, value, and appeal.

By partnering with experts like Tar Heel Basement Systems, you can incorporate sidewalk repair into a comprehensive home solution package. This approach mitigates potential structural and environmental risks, ensuring your home remains visually appealing, secure, and structurally sound.

Advantages of Sidewalk Repair 

Choosing Tar Heel Basement Systems for your sidewalk repair offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Safety Enhancements: By addressing and rectifying uneven sections, we eliminate tripping hazards, ensuring a safer environment for all pedestrians.
  • Avoid Further Damage: Left unchecked, sidewalk issues can lead to further deterioration. Our concrete lifting solution addresses the root causes, preventing additional damage and expense.
  • Improved Property Aesthetics: With our expert touch, sidewalks are not only stabilized but also visually enhanced, boosting your property’s overall appeal.

Select our unique PolyRenewal™ system for maximum performance. This approach is more effective, sustainable, and longer-lasting than alternative products.

Our Concrete Sidewalk Repair Process 

The skilled professionals at Tar Heel Basement Systems follow a precise protocol for durable, effective sidewalk restoration using PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections. This includes the following steps:

installing polyurethane injections for sidewalk repair
  • Drill small holes into affected areas.
  • Place injection ports in the drilled holes.
  • Mix and inject a two-part polyurethane foam.
  • Allow foam to expand, fill voids, and cure in 15 minutes.
  • Remove injection ports and smooth the drilled holes.
  • Seal joints and cracks.

Tar Heel Basement Systems has been leveling concrete in Winston-Salem, Raleigh, and other parts of North Carolina for more than 20 years. Our knowledgeable experts provide top-notch concrete sidewalk repair services, ensuring a solid and durable fix.

Why Our Sidewalk Repair is the Best Choice for Your Home

The PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting technology from Tar Heel Basement Systems offers a number of unique features and advantages, including: 

  • Precision: Accurate lifting and stabilization. 
  • Minimal Intrusiveness: No need for heavy machinery. 
  • Rapid Results: Quick curing time reduces inconvenience. 
  • Durability: Built to withstand environmental factors. 
  • Eco-conscious: Environmentally friendly materials used. 
  • Ongoing Protection: Covered by our annual maintenance program.

Get Concrete Sidewalk Repair Near You Today!

Tar Heel Basement Systems inspector ready to repair sidewalks

The integrity of your sidewalk directly affects the safety of those who use it and the overall appearance of your property. With Tar Heel Basement Systems at your service, you get the assurance of safety and aesthetic enhancement. Our specialists are trained to address even the smallest signs of damage, ensuring potential hazards are eliminated, and your sidewalk stands as a testament to quality workmanship. 

If you live in Raleigh, Wilmington, or one of the many cities we serve, sidewalk repair is just a call away. Contact Tar Heel Basement Systems today for a free inspection. Let us guide you on the path to a safer, more beautiful sidewalk that enhances the function and visual appeal of your property. 

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    Sidewalk Repair FAQs

    The cost of repairing a concrete sidewalk varies depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the affected area. Tar Heel Basement Systems offers free inspections, no-obligation estimates, transparent pricing, and financing options to suit your budget. Contact us today to get started and receive an accurate cost breakdown.

    No, our PolyRenewal™ system is designed to lift and stabilize your existing concrete slabs without the need for demolition. This method involves minimal drilling, making it a noninvasive, timely, and cost-effective solution.

    One of the advantages of Tar Heel Basement Systems’ PolyRenewal™ method is its durability and minimal post-repair maintenance. However, it’s always a good practice to inspect the repaired concrete regularly for signs of wear or damage and ensure proper water drainage to prolong its lifespan. If you have specific concerns or maintenance questions, our team is always available to assist and guide you.

    *Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Tar Heel Basement Systems does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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