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Sump pump in basement

Basement Waterproofing Products – What Options Do I Have?

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sump pump and other waterproofing solutions

Some people may not think about what moisture could do to their basement till they’re in the thick of things. By the time they’re taking action, the situation could have gotten out of hand. Simple fixes ultimately turn into full-scale basement repairs.

Knowing how much damage moisture can cause, don’t buy time. A moist or damp basement not only makes the below-the-ground space inhospitable but it also turns into a haven for mold and mildew. Lucky for you, there are many basement waterproofing products in the market. Here’s a rundown of the best six.

1. Interior drainage

This system keeps water out of your basement by collecting leaking water and directing it to a sump pump system. It waterproofs your basement by arresting leaks before they get to the middle of your basement. It’s usually installed around the perimeter and in the basement’s sub-floor.

2. Sump pumps

Spring is here, so you can expect torrential rains to pound your neighborhood in the coming weeks. We can’t rule out flooding, every homeowner’s nightmare. You can protect your basement and your belongings by installing a sump pump. Any water that gets into the basement won’t stagnate but will be pumped outside. We recommend you get a clog-free sump pump with battery backup and cast iron motor housing.

3. Dehumidifiers

Because of the high precipitation, humidity is also going to be rife during spring and it will peak in summer. You need to keep moisture down or it can cause problems, including musty smells, mold and even cracks. A dehumidifier is a perfect antidote as it controls moisture buildup. If your basement feels cold or damp, the basement window has condensation, and wall paints are peeling off, it’s about time you bought a dehumidifier. We recommend an energy-efficient, self-draining unit.

4. Exterior drainage

With rains increasing in intensity in the coming weeks, you can expect some water to spill from the roof and collect around the perimeter of your home. That’s bad news. But here’s the good news. You can collect all rainwater and direct it away from your foundation wall before it gets the chance to enter your basement. We recommend a clog-free gutter system as it won’t get clogged by falling leaves, as well as underground downspout extensions.

5. Wall Coverings/Vapor Barriers

Wall coverings are usually made out of plastic sheets, and they aid in locking out moisture. In addition, they also help to seal any leaks and cracks that are letting water into your basement. Your basement will remain moisture-free and dry for many years as long as the wall covering and barriers are intact. Our CrawlSeal™ liner typically is used for crawl space encapsulation, but it also has other practical applications in the basement, as well.

6. Frozen discharge line protection

Thankfully, winter is over. But that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. You need to ensure the sump pump keeps water flowing even if the discharge line is frozen or clogged. And the frozen line protection is the right tool for the job as it lets water in the sump pump pipe to exit through slots. Once you install it, you can sleep in peace and worry less about the possibility of basement flooding.

Are you looking to waterproof your basement in Winston-Salem, NC? Not sure which products to use? Give us a call or schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection today and get solid recommendations before you make a move.

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