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floodproof your house

Don’t Let Rough Weather Damage Your Winston-Salem, NC, Home.

Severe weather can damage your home and disrupt your life. Find out how to weatherproof your home.

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While every homeowner hopes their old home will survive bad weather, the odds that yours will face the wrath of Mother Nature during your lifetime are high. And this leads us to the question: Is your home weatherproof? While you may not necessarily have to worry about coastal hurricanes, events such as 25-year floods in Winston-Salem, NC, hailstorms, and blizzards can hurt your home and render it inhospitable.

Older homes are more susceptible and trickier to care for as they may have loose sections, rotted wood, or weak underlying structures. All these make repairs intricate. But don’t worry. We shall show you simple but effective strategies that will help you protect your home from rough weather and limit structural damage and financial loss.

1) Floodproof your home

Flooding is perhaps the greatest threat to your old home. During wet months, floodwaters can sweep your neighborhood. If your home doesn’t have special flood vents, it can get swept away by water. Ensure that your vents are in good condition so water can escape during floods. Clear our external drains and footer drains as well.

2) Windproof your home

Strong winds can lift your roof and dislodge it. Ask your roofer to come inspect the roof. They will tie down the roof using strong fasteners before screwing in your shingles.

3) Get de-icing salt and sand

Before snow starts falling, pour some salt along your front walk and the sidewalks of your home. It’s what road crews do before snowstorms. Salt will activate and help melt the snow. Once the storm dies down, sprinkle sand on the patches of ice or snow.

4) Maintain your roof

Check your roof just before the rains fall or before the snow drops in it. Remove damaged and broken shingles quickly and replace them with Class 3 or 4 shingles, which can withstand hail. Also, ensure your chimney is in good condition and that it can be properly closed. If the roof is in bad shape, replace it with an impact-resistant roof, as it will protect your home from hail damage.

5) Trim your trees and shrubbery

Trimming overgrown branches and trees near your home eliminates the risk of falling branches and trees during a storm. Pay special attention to hanging branches that extend toward your roof or too close to your windows. In the event of a storm, they’re likely to break if they’re weak or dry.

6) Maintain the outdoor area

Falling branches and trees aren’t the only hazards that can hurt your old home. Beware of debris. Ferocious winds can blow waste materials or decorative materials during a heavy storm, and these can damage your home too. Clean the outdoor area and move all woodpiles under the shed as far as possible. We also recommend that you replace gravel or landscaping rocks with shredded barks or other much safer materials. These won’t cause harm when they get blown by fierce winds.

7) Install draught excluders

Poorly fitted windows and doors open up your home to cold weather. And this can have an impact on your heating. Draught-proof your doors and windows and install a keyhole cover as well to block outside air from entering your home.

8) Keep gutters and drainpipes clean

June to September are the wettest months in Winston-Salem. Heavy rainfall means you’ll be seeing a lot of water around the yard. If your gutters and drains are clogged, you can guess where all the water will go. So, remove leaves and debris from your gutters and downspouts so water can drain quickly away from your home.

9) Waterproof your basement

Don’t forget your basement, as it’s a common area in which to find moisture and water damage. Waterproofing it with a reliable interior drainage system and sump pump with a backup battery ensures water doesn’t hurt it or cause problems like mold and mildew growth or structural problems.

10) Fix window and door leaks

Whether in your door or windows, leaks can introduce cold air and water into your home. Both can set the stage for many problems. Check your window and door frames and remove any that rotted. Fix any leaky spots using caulk or weather-stripping material.

Get in touch with the experts at Tar Heel Basement Systems for fast and hassle-free repairs. We provide free basement waterproofing inspections and quotes along with lasting solutions to your perennial water problems.

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