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Basement dehumidifier

Dehumidifier Recalls–What you Need to Know

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Basement dehumidifier

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued another recall for home dehumidifiers. This is the second recall in three years. The conventional dehumidifiers have recently been recalled for catching on fire, creating a home safety risk. Roughly fifty conventional home dehumidifiers have been recalled, ranging from the purchase dates of 2003-2013. Homeowners have reportedly filed approximately $4.8 million dollars in property damages due to the malfunctions from these dehumidifiers.

Conveniently, Tar Heel Basement Systems provides reliable air systems that are not on the list above. Our number one goal is to create dry, healthy and stabilized homes for our customers.  Protect one of your biggest investments with a trustworthy dehumidification system. Below is our list of dehumidifiers that have received the All Things Basements! approval.

  • Aprilaire: Use in crawl spaces small and large. The Commercial-grade construction allows the system to remove 95 pints of water per day and has low maintenance requirement. The Built-in humidistat keeps humidity levels below 55% without the need to run all of the time.
  • Tar Heel Dehumidifier: Use in basements or tall crawl spaces. The self-draining system removes up to 109 pints of moisture per-day, your basement air will stay dry preventing mold growth. The Tar Heel system also includes a humidistat, keeping humidity levels low without the need to run all of the time.

Both dehumidification systems offered by Tar Heel Basement Systems, self-drain, preventing the homeowners from emptying the machines like conventional home dehumidifiers. The built-in humidistats allow for maximum energy-savings and mold prevention.

If you are concerned with the conventional dehumidifier in your basement or crawl space, please call our office for a free estimate.

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