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3 Things to Know When Looking for a French Drain Pipe

Determining whether solutions like the French drain pipe is best for water accumulation and damage can be a headache for any homeowner.  

With Tar Heel Basement Systems, you aren’t alone in your basement waterproofing needs. On this page, we will explore what a French drain pipe is, and what is the most effective method for keeping your basement water free. 

What is a French Drain Pipe? 

A French drain pipe is an exterior drainage system designed to redirect water away from an area to prevent flooding or water accumulation. It consists of a perforated pipe buried in a trench, surrounded by gravel or rock, and covered with fabric or geotextile to prevent clogging by soil and debris. 

While a French drain pipe is commonly used, it’s important to note that it is an exterior drainage system. When it comes to basement water accumulation and foundation related issues, this system is not an effective solution. Instead, we recommend an interior drainage system as part of a comprehensive waterproofing strategy.  

3 Things to Know When Looking for a French Drain Pipe 

When considering a French drain pipe, there are three crucial things to keep in mind: 

  1. Understand Exterior vs Interior: French drains are specifically used for exterior drainage. This includes yard and landscaping drainage problems. They do not address foundation or structural damage. 
  1. Ineffective in Basement Water Issues: Since the basement is an interior space, only an interior drainage system and other waterproofing measures will effectively remove and prevent water from accumulating.  
  1. Cannot Solve Foundation Problems: French drains don’t help in foundation related water damage. While this is a common misconception, it is important to know the difference to assess which solution fits your specific needs. 

By considering these factors when looking for a French drain pipe, you can make informed decisions for effective water drainage. Tar Heel Basement Systems provides expert waterproofing solutions and foundational repairs that ensure your home remains water free. 

Effective Ways to Deal with Water Issues 

At Tar Heel, we use a comprehensive strategy to deal with basement water issues and foundation problems caused by water accumulation, which includes: 

  • Interior Waterproofing Systems: We implement interior drainage systems to manage water accumulation in basements. These systems typically include channels or pipes installed along the interior perimeter of the basement floor to collect water and redirect it to a sump pump system. 
  • Sump Pump Installation: Sump pumps are installed as part of our interior waterproofing systems. These pumps collect water from the interior drainage system and pump it away from the foundation to a designated drainage area, preventing water accumulation and potential flooding in the basement. 
  • Dehumidification: Controlling humidity levels in basements is crucial for preventing moisture-related issues. We install dehumidifiers to regulate humidity levels and improve indoor air quality, reducing the likelihood of water accumulation and mold growth. 
  • Foundation Repairs: The soil surrounding a home is prone to expand, leading to unwanted water damage if the home is not properly stabilized. If the water damage has extended to the home’s structure, we provide stabilizing pier systems and other foundation repair options. 

Tar Heel Basement Systems offers a range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of each property to effectively manage water accumulation in basements and foundations and protect the home from water damage.  

Contact Tar Heel for a Free Inspection 

Dealing with water accumulation can be frustrating for any homeowner, but you’re not alone. When it comes to investing in basement waterproofing solutions, Tar Heel Basement Systems has your back.  Reach out today to schedule a free inspection, where our professionals will assess your basement and identify what solutions best suit your needs. 

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