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Water in The Basement

Did a summer storm leave water standing in your basement? Here's how you can clear that water away and prevent similar damage from appearing again.

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While some parts of the country benefit from summer’s dry heat, North Carolina sees more than its fair share of precipitation. Come summer, homeowners can not only find their warm days disrupted by rainstorms, but they can also see some of that water moving into their basements. 

If you, like other North Carolina residents, find yourself contending with summer water damage in your basement, don’t fret. The contractors in your area can help you determine what conditions led to the leak’s development. In turn, they can help you invest in the repairs you need to prevent your home’s value from falling. 

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What Can Summer Weather Do to Your Home? 

Summer sees temperatures in North Carolina skyrocket while the air grows rich with humidity. That humidity begets rain, which in turn can beget the kind of basement damage that can cause long-term problems throughout your home. 

The more rain your home ends up exposed to, the more likely it is that the materials that make up your basement may succumb to hydrostatic pressure. This kind of pressure can force cracks to form throughout your home, disrupting your space’s structural integrity while also allowing even more water into your home. 

Some of the most common forms of damage you may find yourself contending with as a result of summer rains include: 

  • Cracked chimneys 
  • Water-damaged belongings 
  • Gaps between your landscaping and your home 
  • Cracks in your walls and near your windowsills 
  • Sticking doors and warped door frames 

In Winston-Salem, NC, specifically, summer leaves homeowners more at risk for the aforementioned types of damage due to the level of humidity in the area. It’s with that in mind that you’ll want to determine ahead of time whether your basement is vulnerable to this kind of damage and what steps you can take to prevent it from settling in. 

Summer Damage: Signs to Look For 

The good news is that basement leaks tend to give themselves away. You can keep an eye out for the following throughout your home if you suspect you have a leak on your hands:  

  • Sticking doors 
  • Fogging windows 
  • Unpleasant smells 
  • Dampness throughout your home 
  • Basement water damage 
  • Standing water 

Unfortunately, these signs aren’t always cut and dried. They can indicate damage to your foundation just as readily as they can suggest damage in your basement. To determine where a leak is coming from, you’ll want to reach out to the contractors in your area for a home inspection. After an inspection’s complete, you can look over a free quote provided by the teams in your area to determine what kind of damage, repairs and preventative measures you may want to invest in moving forward. 

Dealing with Summer Damage 

When water first makes its way into your home, it can be tempting to try and fix a leak on your own. Unfortunately, DIY solutions don’t serve you well when you’re dealing with structural damage and hydrostatic pressure. More often than not, you can make a leak worse by trying to fix it on your own time. 

Instead of investing in a DIY solution, you’ll want to work with the professionals in your area to determine what repairs your home may need. With an experienced team on hand to help you out, you can save yourself money, time and stress. 

Your Potential Waterproofing Solutions 

If you want to stave off summer basement damage, you have the tools to do so. The contractors serving the Winston-Salem area can help you determine what waterproofing measures may best suit your space. Some of the most common to use can include: 

  • Interior drains 
  • Sump pumps 
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Vapor barriers  

You can stack these solutions with one another to limit the humidity in your home and drive away any standing water that may frequently make itself known in your space. Dealing with leaks during the summer months may be a pain, but it’s always better to act sooner rather than later. The foundation and basement repair professionals in your area can help you determine what waterproofing measures or repairs may be necessary to help you protect your home from damage. When you work together with experts from Tar Heel Basement Systems, you can better retain your home’s value and keep your family comfortable.

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