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Basement Wall Condensation

If you have condensation in your basement, you should take action as soon as possible. While it doesn't appear to be a big deal, it's a sure sign of water damage.

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Condensation happens when cold air meets moist air, creating beads of moisture on things like drinking glasses and open coolers. Even though it happens often, it has no place in your basement and could cause damage. Tar Heel Basement Systems has the answers and services you need to stop condensation from forming under your home.

What Causes Condensation in Your Basement?

flooded yard with bad drainage

Poor Drainage: Your basement should be dry and well-ventilated if you have the proper drainage system. Condensation can build up in your basement if your foundation doesn’t drain properly. Standing water from poor drainage can begin to evaporate, creating excess humidity. The moisture in the air will begin to gather as droplets on cool surfaces such as windows and basement walls. Water will also begin to saturate organic surfaces, like wood, facilitating mold growth. If you have standing water from poor drainage as well as excess condensation, it’s likely your basement’s drainage system is malfunctioning, or you do not have one at all. Regardless, a professional should be called to address the problem.

Basement Wall Cracks: Hydrostatic pressure occurs when basement walls are frequently pressed on by dirt and water. Over time, the force on the basement walls might lead them to buckle and break. Because of this, your basement will be exposed to outside air and groundwater, both of which can leak into the room and cause humidity to rise. A rise in humidity will cause condensation to build up in the basement. Cracked basement walls can also cause structural damage to your property, resulting in uneven flooring or separating baseboards. Condensation can build in a basement with a damaged wall, regardless of the circumstances.

Clogged Footing Drains: Footing drains are a common feature of basement construction. The purpose of these drains is to eliminate standing water from around the perimeter of your basement. In the unfortunate case that your footing drains become clogged, water will spill into your basement. The drains must be cleaned and checked for damage or leaks regularly because of this. However, there are better and more efficient options out there.


Moisture in the air is controlled by the conditions it is exposed to, and cold air has a lower water content than warm air. In a basement, the amount of moisture that can be held is lower than it is outside because of the lower temperature. 

There is a limit to the amount of water the surrounding air can hold when humidity levels are high. As a result, the water in your basement has no choice except to condense into droplets that collect on various surfaces. Condensation can form in your basement very rapidly if you allow outside air or humidity in.

If you’re seeing condensation in your basement, you likely have a moisture problem. Because it can be absorbed into surfaces such as carpets or walls, condensation can lead to water damage. Mold can also begin to grow as moisture levels rise and start to destroy wood and other organic materials in your basement. Evaporating moisture on concrete can create efflorescence, a chemical reaction that leaves behind salt particles. Additionally, high condensation can weaken the floors above your basement, causing them to droop.

Condensation in your basement can be remedied in a variety of ways. It is possible to avoid flooding by waterproofing the basement and having a professional install a sump pump, which is designed to quickly drain massive amounts of water away from your home. A dehumidifier can be put in your basement once this water and any mold or other organic materials have been removed from the area.

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Tar Heel has dealt with damp basement issues in Raleigh, Wilmington, and North Carolina’s northern region, so you know you can count on us. Contact us if you think your basement is suffering from excessive condensation. An inspection of your basement and foundation is offered free of charge, with no strings attached. To thoroughly waterproof your home’s basement, you’ll need the help of our crew. Your basement’s water damage can only become worse if you overlook the early indicators of water damage, so always keep an eye on your house!

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