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bad concrete sidewalk

Cracked Concrete

Cracking concrete looks bad, it's dangerous, and it's only going to get worse the longer it is not fixed. Learn more about why it's important to fix cracking concrete around your home.


Why Fixing Your Cracked Concrete is Important

Have you ever tripped in your own driveway? Luckily it isn’t a far distance for a first aid kit, in you’re in your own driveway! However, what about if you have kids or guests? You don’t want them falling or tripping, getting hurt due to your uneven concrete.

Not only will the concrete outside of your home shift and crack, but if your home is built on a concrete slab, foundational problems will cause cracks and shifting to happen. If this happens within your home, the result will be much more severe for your home.

It is important to have any concrete in or outside of your home fixed, and here are some reasons why.

bad concrete sidewalk
  • Curb Appeal

Let’s be honest, cracked, raised, and uneven driveways or sidewalks are not only unsafe, but they also are not attractive either. Many times, you can have weeds growing out from the cracks, plus once one part begins to crack it will start to spread. This major eyesore can have an effect on the cost of your home if you decide to sell.

  • Hazardous

The common problem is that these cracks and uneven surfaces create tripping hazards for you, your family, and any guests that may come to your home. Scraped knees or twisted ankles aren’t fun and can be avoided if you take the time to fix the problem.

  • Gradually Worsens

Similar to many problems, if your home’s concrete slab is cracking or sinking, just because you ignore it does not mean the problem is going to go away. Unfortunately, in this case, it’s the complete opposite. The more you wait to fix these problems, the worse the cracks and unevenness will become, which will only cause worse problems for your home.

  • Problems In Your Home

When your home’s concrete slab is undergoing problems due to a foundation issue, then you will notice signs throughout your home. Windows or doors will have a difficult time opening or closing, cracks can occur in other parts of your home, and the cracks in the floor allow water to enter your home and cause water damage.

Fix Your Cracked Concrete With Local Repair Experts

Tar Heel Basement Systems offer multiple solutions for cracked concrete both on the inside and outside of your home. If you are noticing uneven or cracked concrete within your home or on your sidewalks and driveways contact Tar Heel today for a free home inspection and repair estimate. We will work to keep you and your home safe!

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