Photo Album: Winston Salem, NC- Moldy, Damp Basement Becomes Dry & Clean

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This home in Winston Salem, NC had a basement that stayed damp and wet all year round. The family has lived in the home for 7 years and said the basement has smelled musty the entire time. Humidity and moisture has ruined their belongings that are stored down there more than once. There was also an area in the basement with exposed dirt that needed to be addressed. The family was looking for a permanent solution for the moisture intrusion and musty smell.

After meeting with our System Design Specialist, the homeowners knew that Tar Heel Basement Systems had the right solution. We installed a full perimeter drainage system along the interior of the basement to catch any water seeping in. Additionally, to address any water pushing through the basement wall, our team installed a bright white vapor barrier along the walls. This will allow water to come in behind the liner and directly into the drainage system. The BasementGutter leads to a state-of-the-art sump pump with a battery backup. A self-draining, commercial-grade dehumidifier was installed to keep the humidity levels low and prevent the musty smell. Lastly, the crew covered the dirt portion of the basement with our CrawlSeal 20 mil vapor barrier to prevent moisture from making its way into the air. This family can breath easy now knowing they have a clean, dry basement below their feet.

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