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Crew picking up helical piers outside of home

Foundation Repair Problem Signs

There are many signs that indicate foundation damage is around the corner. Learning to identify them can save you money and keep your loved ones safe. 

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Your foundation can tilt, crack, or sink due to foundation damage. However, these are just a few foundation repair problem signs. You might be surprised to learn that problem signs can appear on exterior walls and even inside your home. Being aware of these problem signs can greatly benefit any homeowner in the long run.  

Common Foundation Problem Signs 

Foundation problem signs can range in size and scope from large to small. Regardless of how they look, all foundation problem signs will lead to further damage, so it is important to treat each one seriously. Here are a few of the most common problem signs to look out for.  

Close up of stair step cracking on brick wall

Wall Cracks

Wall cracks occur when the walls of your home shift due to foundation damage. Wall cracks can appear both inside and outside your home. When looking indoors, be aware of jagged cracks the shoot from the corners of door frames and windows. These sections of the wall are weaker than others, so cracks are likely to appear there.  

When looking outdoors, be aware of stair-step cracking. This is a crack pattern that arises in homes made with masonry such as brick or block. Foundation damage causes the mortar between blocks to separate and causes this stair-step pattern to form.  

Chimney separating from home showing foundation issues

Tilting Chimney

Chimneys tend to be built separately from your home, so when foundation damage takes place, your chimney will show visible indications. Often, a chimney will tilt as your foundation shifts, and may cause a gap to form between the exterior walls and your chimney. Not only does this indicate foundation damage, but it may also turn into a health risk if loose bricks fall from your chimney.  

Stuck Doors and Windows

Foundation damage can cause window and door frames to warp, causing doors and windows within them to get stuck. If doors drag along the floors of your home and windows offer resistance or don’t open at all, it might be foundation damage. Check to see if your doors and windows look crooked in their frames.  

Foundation Settlement During Winter Months

Foundation Settlement

Foundation damage will likely lead to your foundation sinking below the ground. This might happen to the entire foundation, or just a section or two. If your home seems to be tilting, or you notice one section of your foundation exposed above the ground, foundation damage has taken place and a solution is necessary.  

Don’t Let Foundation Damage Get Worse. Tar Heel Basement Systems Can Help! 

No matter the cause of your foundation damage, Tar Heel Basement Systems has the best experience, skills, and solutions to keep your home safe. We have a variety of tools specialized for foundation repair such as piers, wall anchors, and crawl space support beams, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs.  

We’re proud to serve homeowners across the state of North Carolina in Northern North Carolina, the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill metro area, Wilmington, and the Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point metro area. If you want to learn more about foundation repair or receive a free estimate, contact us today! 

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