Photo Album: Denton, NC- Flooded Basement Transformed Into Dry Storage Area

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Rains just over one inch in precipitation would create a flooded basement and chaos for these Denton, NC homeowners. After dealing with the issue for just over a year, they decided to have their basement problem fixed and give their block basement walls an updated look.

Tar Heel Basement Systems was able to remove the worry of bad weather by installing the BasementGutter Drainage System and SafeDri triple sump pump, permanently keeping water out. The basement walls were given a healthy, fresh look with the CrawlSeal antimicrobial liner. The homeowners are happy to have their personal belongings secure and no worry of moisture intrusion.

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  • Water Stained Basement Walls
  • Installation Prep
  • Water Intrusion Management
  • Hidden & Serviceable Waterproofing System
  • Not Your Traditional Sump Pump
  • SafeDri Triple Sump Pump & SafeDri™ Battery Backup System
  • Bright Basement Walls
  • Permanently Dry Basement