Photo Album: Lexington, NC - Lake Home Re-Stabilized with IntelliJacks and Helical Piers

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This one story lake house on High Rock Lake was to be come the dream retirement and vacation home for two Greensboro residents. Unfortunately, the foundation of the home had been built incorrectly and had started to sag and slide towards a small creek connecting to the lake. Many builders over the years had simply coped with the sagging and tilting foundation and built around it causing it to seem level when it was quite the opposite. Tar Heel Basement Systems offered him and his wife a price within his budget and a solution to last him years to come. Seven helical piers, one push pier and nine IntelliJacks were installed to create a strong foundation.

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  • Lake Home's Multiple Crawlspace Entry Ways
  • Sagging Floors and Door Gaps
  • Cracked Foundation from Settling Soil
  • Weak Cinder Block Piers
  • Cinder Block Piers with Shims
  • Temporary Support to Keep Watson's Team Safe
  • William Reece Guides the Helical Pier Drill
  • Drilling Helical Piers to Stabilize Lake Home
  • Jason Greene Prepares to Cut Helical Pier After Drilling
  • IntelliJacks Installed Around Old Pier
  • Crawl Space Supports Lift Floors Close to 3 Inches
  • Raised Foundation Corner and Sealed Crack
  • Newly Completed Foundation Wall