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Why the IntelliBrace™ is the Best I-Beam in the Industry



A very important part of a home’s foundation comes from the stabilization of the basement walls. An I-Beam runs from a basement’s floor to its ceiling against the basement wall, and can provide that stabilization for the home.

Unfortunately, not every type of I-Beam is ideal for a home, and because they are very easy to come by, many contractors with little foundation repair experience can install the poorest ones resulting in adverse outcomes.

The Patented IntelliBrace™ System 

IntelliBraces™ are different from other I-Beams and are considered the best for a number of reasons. The first is their patented tightening system that allows the beams to actually straighten and improve the condition of the wall overtime, unlike other systems in the industry. They also have a zinc coated beam and components making them resistant to corrosion. The zinc coating reduces the abrasion and wear to the wall and beam, and also creates a non-toxic surface.

Another benefit to the IntelliBrace™ system is the beam’s clean-cut appearance, which sets them apart from other I-Beam systems that are uncoated and become rusty. Lastly, IntelliBraces™ are always professionally installed because of their patent, which is critical for proper application and maximum benefits.

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