Photo Album: Lewisville, NC- Basement & Crawl Space Waterproofing

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Lewisville, NC homeowner called us after years of 'Drylock" failing and bubbling from moisture intrusion on their basement wall. System Design Specialist, Rick Brown, also discovered active moisture seeping in through the cinder block walls on the front perimeter of the crawl space.

Tar Heel Basement Systems Foreman: Tom Dishman and his crew installed a Smart Drain around the perimeter of the crawlspace, and BasementGutter around the basement wall. The crew also removed the old sump pump, and installed a SafeDri Sump. This allowed access for incoming moisture to flow to the sump pump instead of building up on the wall.

Now this homeowner has a basement and crawl space that will remain dry all year round thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems' basement drainage system.

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  • Evidence of Drylock Failure on Basement Wall
  • Interior Basement Drainage System in Lewisville, NC
  • Installation of BasementGutter Interior Basement Drainage System
  • BasementGutter Installation below Drylock Failure
  • Basement Drainage System Near Completion
  • Moisture Intrusion in Lewisville, NC Crawl Space
  • Installation of the CrawlDrain Interior Drainage System
  • Failed Crawlspace Sump Pump
  • Removal of Old Failed Pump
  • Beginning Installation of SmartSump
  • PVC Feeder Pipes to Smart Sump