Photo Album: Winston Salem, NC Walk-in Cellar Transformation

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This Winston Salem, NC homeowner called Tar Heel Basement Systems after failed attempts of eliminating mold growth in their walk-in crawl space. They had work previously done to fix their concern: mold remediation, installed new insulation, and added a partial vapor barrier but was continuing to face the same problems.

During the first inspection System Design Specialist, Craig Sechrist, noticed immediately what was causing the recurring problem: exposed soil, open vents and the discharge line from the old sump pump was connected to the sewage line causing a foul odor throughout the crawl space. Craig advised a solution that would permanently fix their problem and give them peace of mind.

Tar Heel Basement Systems Foreman: Scott Ledford, and his crew members, Robbie & Roy, were up for the challenge and executed Craig's flawless design. The crew installed our patented CrawlSeal Encapsulation System, sealed all vents, installed the Tar Heel Dehumidifier and SafeDri triple sump pump. The crew also eliminated the discharge line that was going into the sewer line from the previous sump pump, and created a new discharge line for the Tar Heel Dehumidifier and SafeDri leading outside of the crawl space and away from the house, eliminating the foul sewage smell.

Now this homeowner has a clean, efficient, and usable storage space thanks to Tar Heel Basement Systems!

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